Read what others have to say about coaching with Caela Berry.


Laura Ibsen

Yoga Instructor and Student, Montreal, Canada

"Caela popped up at a time when I really needed her help. I was going through a challenging transition that was difficult for me to talk about.  But when I met Caela, I immediately felt I could be honest with her. In my time spent working with Caela I have learned aspects of myself I didn't necessarily want to, but had to. I always knew I could be 100% honest with her. She listened to everything I had to say and with no judgement what so ever. Ever since I met Caela I have had someone in my corner, cheering me on and supporting me through every step. I know myself better and am a more comfortable with being open with those who are close to me. I am about to embark on two very big changes in my life, new school and new city, but I am approaching this new chapter with new tools and self awareness I didn't have just a few months ago."

Laura Charelle  

Leadership & Wellness Strategist, Walnut Creek, California, USA

"Oh my, Caela Berry! What a wonderful soul to have come into my life. No matter what issue you're struggling with, Caela knows how to dig deep and help you get to the root cause. Her kind and gentle nature helps you open up in ways you would never consider. Life can be hard to navigate sometimes and having someone like Caela behind you makes it so much easier. Thank you, pretty lady for all of the positivity you have brought into my life!"


IT Analyst, Calgary, Alberta

"I started working with Caela when I was feeling stuck and out of balance.  There wee so many things that I wanted to accomplish but I didn't know where to start and also felt scared about failing.  Caela helped me to get passed my limiting beliefs - the things that were stopping me from not moving forward.  I have felt a renewed sense of energy and focus.  I have started saying 'yes!' to the opportunities that come my way that bring me joy.  Caela has been great at supporting me through my transition of starting to live a courageous life.  I am excited to live boldly in 2017!"


Nicola LightstonE

Marketing, Toronto, Canada

"Caela and I had briefly worked together in a professional capacity in 2015, but even then I knew that she was someone who I could talk to and who would go out of her way to help me.  In the spring on 2016 I reached out to her for advice on a job I was applying for.  In meeting up with her again and I did not know what an impact professional and personally she would have on my life.  Her complete honesty and authenticity, for the first time made me feel that I could be more honest with her than anyone else.  I have spent many years in talk therapy, but am well aware that a therapist can only help you with what you actually tell them about.  In the short time that I worked with Caela in a coaching capacity she has helped me to realize a lot about myself - tasking me with opportunity to really look inwardly and acknowledge how I feel and where that comes from.  I have no doubt that my work with Caela has allowed me to move forward in an upward trajectory in my life both personally and professionally."



Holly Medwid  

Online Strategist at Weave Online Strategy

"I was not expecting to meet Caela, but entirely grateful that I did.  Large goals and aspirations bring an element of complexity to life that's hard to sort through and deal with alone.  The support, encouragement and tools Caela has provided me with in the short time that I've known her is helping me accelerate through the growing number of challenges that come with entrepreneurship. Climbing the mountain of possibility that is 2017 isn't so daunting when you have Caela in your corner."