Why So Serious?

 Photo Credit: Katie Treadway

Photo Credit: Katie Treadway

Laughter is a form of medicine.  When we think about some of our very dark days, maybe these days are even upon you now, it can be difficult to remember moments when the light peered through the cracks.  Sometimes these moments are so dark that it seems as though the light isn’t able to flow through at all.  But if we are open to it, we can see little glimmers of loving moments, moments where someone did something nice for us, but we didn’t have the capacity to appreciate it.  Maybe we even consciously thought, “when things get better, I’ll do this for someone else,” or “when this ends, I’ll be able to enjoy life again.” 

Joy and laughter are expressions of love.  During our dark or challenging times, the light, love, and laughter are always there, lurking around the corner, waiting for you.  When we struggle, when we feel like we are in the dark, remember that where you are sitting right now this very moment, there exists a brightness.  When we feel in the dark, we simply have something blocking us from seeing light.  Laughter can help lift that veil and can let that light shine in.  

Next time you are feeling like the darkness has pervaded your world for far too long, pay attention to the places light is trying to shine in.  Be present.  In this very moment, where does love persist?  Perhaps the light shines in through a bird chirping outside.  Maybe it is in the face of a child or pet.  It might exist in the budding trees or flowers around you.  Sit with that.  Be grateful for it.  Know that this love and light is real, and at this moment, it is truth.  Look around your world and acknowledge the laughter.  Even when it feels as though you have little to give, offer kindness to a stranger and let that feeling permeate your being, your thoughts, and your actions.  When we cultivate our connection with the Universe in light, fun ways, we invite more of this energy into our lives.  Know that even in darkness, light is all around.

Caela Berry