The single most important thing I've learned about myself in 2016

The single most important thing I’ve learned this year is that I am happiest when I’m building.  Let me tell you why, and how I figured it out.

First off, why do I love building things?  I love working toward a goal, but I find it to be most meaningful when the goal is personal, and I can work on it right from the very start, rather than jumping in half way through.  I love the feeling of creating something out of nothing.  Perhaps more importantly, I feel most on purpose when I am creating something of value for others and for myself.  Even though some moments feel like I’m not getting anywhere, I love looking back on the progress I made over stretches of time.  But most of all, I love waking up excited about what I’m creating.  I love the alignment I get when I’m making decisions based on what feels right for me.  This is the beauty of building your life.

How did I figure it out?  

First, I had to hit a bit of a bottom.  This time last year we were visiting a friend in New York City. We had no plans (usually, my favourite thing), we had days of exploring ahead of us, and no schedule to adhere to.  If you know me, you know this is my ideal scenario - a new city, no plans, and all the time in the world.  And yet, I was feeling really low.  I knew there had to be something going on with me.  At the time I was taking my first of many mini-retirements, taking time off work for travel, retreats, courses...I had 6 months of, what I thought would be, bliss.  When we got home from New York, I took a hard look and realised that this time off would be worth nothing to me if it had no meaning.  So I started a process of meaning-making.  I set out to build something new to make more meaning out of my time off, and more meaning out of my recovery, by taking the work I’ve done over the years and making it available to others.  That’s when I started building my business.  And building this has made 2016 the best year of my life.


What is the single most important thing you’ve learned this year?  Please share, we’d love to learn from you!


Caela Berry