What To Do with Agonizing Time


Ever feel like time is taking FOREVER to pass? Do you find that this happens when you're waiting to hear back about a job or waiting for someone to make the first move after a conflict? Instead of spending your days watching Netflix, next time you’re dying for the time to pass try making use of it.  Here are 11 things you can do during those moments of agony:


1.  Do something with your hands.  Cooking, cleaning and writing are great ways to really get out of your head and into a task.

2.  Start a DIY project (or any type of project, really).  Shifting your focus to building something and being productive feels SO good.

3.  Read about what you’re going through, whether it is a fictional story about someone who is experiencing a similar situation, or a work of nonfiction that you can identify with.

4.  Practice self-care.  Sit in a steam room, get a haircut, or go for a massage, do some outdoor yoga. And remember: be intentional about truly doing something to care for your body, your mind, and your soul.

5.  Meditate:  I know many people find meditation challenging.  If this is you, try a meditative activity like stacking stones, and keep an eye out for an upcoming post on tips and techniques.

6.  Get yourself into nature.  Soak up some of the natural beauty that surrounds us all.  Really take time getting to know this vast and wondrous planet.  

7.  Catch up on some sleep, knowing everything will look different in the morning.

8.  Exercise.  This one is obvious, but getting those endorphins pumping will relieve some stress.

9.  Try something new.  Go surfing or snowshoeing.  Be impulsive and go on an excursion.  Do something you’ve always wanted to do.  Take a ride in a hot air balloon, go skydiving, or rock climbing.  Ditch your map and phone and go somewhere you’ve never been.  Get lost.

10.  Turn inwards and surrender to the moment.  Now is a time for some serious self-study.  See this as an opportunity for self-advancement.  Turn inwards and really explore your current situation.  Learn if there is something about it that doesn’t fit, that isn’t serving you, that is unwanted or unmanageable.  Get curious and see what part you played, what role you had.  Look at what wasn’t your part.  BE HONEST with yourself.  Clean up your side of the street.  Then, surrender it.  Let it go.

11.  Help others: get out of yourself by lending a hand.  Help someone move, volunteer, or simply find an opportunity to be useful to someone else.  Call a friend who is struggling and make the decision to spend time listening.  Not only will this help someone else, but you raise your own vibe too.

Above all, know that it will pass.  Be mindful.  Observe it rising and passing away. Like anything else.  Like this moment right now.

Caela Berry