We Get Better


I remember someone saying this to me at a time that I really needed to hear it.  “We get better.”  It was a time when I really had no vision for my life.  I was still stumbling around behind a bank of fog, desperately searching for clarity.  No dreams, no vision.  But this desperation can lead to some serious self-reflection and insights.

Self-reflection is healthy.  Learning from your mistakes is healthy.  Taking responsibility for past actions is healthy.  But sitting in your mess isn’t healthy.  Waffling in your own misery and self-pity isn’t healthy.  What we’ve done doesn’t make us what we are.  How we behaved or responded in the past is not how we actually are.  Who we once were is not who we are.  At our core, we possess the same childlike wonder and curiosity that we always have, but somewhere along the line we lost track of what it meant to really live well.  

The truth is, we can get better, and we do that by taking responsibility for ourselves, cleaning up our messes, helping another person, and having conscious connection with something bigger than ourselves.

We are not just the sum of our poor behaviors, we are the sum of all our choices, our experiences, our actions - good and bad.  And in this lies great opportunity to get better, do better, and be better in every single moment of each and every day.  Because we all deserve to live well and are capable of giving ourselves a better (or even better) life.

Small positive actions repeated over time amount to big change.

Caela Berry