Busyness is the New Laziness

When I heard someone say that busyness is a form of laziness, I laughed, felt slight confusion, and then decided not to give it another thought - I had places to be, after all.

Paradox much?

The argument states that it is often less time consuming to say yes than to thoughtfully decide.  Indiscriminately filling your calendar is easier than being selective about what you fill it with.

Isn’t it true that it’s often easier to agree to a plan than it is to say no?  Taking time to think it through not only requires effort, it is often considered rude, which makes it hard for boundary-challenged folks.  When someone says “Hey, want to go to a movie on the weekend?” and your first reaction is to think “...please have plans, please have plans…” as you scan your brain or your calendar, consider honoring what you would actually like to do.  I’m not talking about plan-shopping, I’m talking about intentional commitment based on your ability to choose.  

Ask yourself:

  1. Is this something I myself would initiate?

  2. Is this activity something I value, that will raise my vibe, or that will be useful to someone else?

  3. When it comes time, what will I wish I had done?

Observing your tendencies here might just lead you to, eventually, have a calendar full (or if you’re an introvert, maybe only half full) of things you actually want to do.  

Keep an eye out for follow-up posts on boundaries, obligations and introversion.

Caela Berry