A Hygge Kind Of Week

It’s March.  It’s cold.  It’s windy.  Which means...it’s time for hygge.

This thing is all the rage this year.  If you haven’t heard about it, Hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-guh’, and derived from a Norwegian word meaning “well-being”), is a Danish tradition celebrating coziness, comfort, togetherness, and nesting.  When we think “cozy”, we think about thick wooly socks and tons of blankets.  But hygge extends into all aspects of life from food, to clothing and types of social engagement.

Whether you are joyfully coming off a mountain or painfully waiting for winter to end, here are a few creative ways you can honour your urge to retreat, turn inwards, and push through to Spring, hygge-style.


  • Light candles, switch to dim and cozy lighting, or hang some tiny strings around the house

  • Make use of all your extra blankets

  • Develop a batch of photos, pick up some frames (second hand shops are great for this), and hang your stories of adventures-past


  • Brew some homemade chai or matcha

  • Make porridge or oatmeal

  • Bake a casserole or one pot meal (a hearty goulash perhaps?)

  • Cook up that old soup or stew your Grandmother used to make (my fav)


  • Put on some big fuzzy socks and legwarmers (if you don’t have legwarmers, cut the feet off an old pair of wooly socks with holes that you haven’t been able to get rid of.)

  • Wrap yourself up in a fluffy scarf, indoors

  • Wear long johns under your favourite flannel pjs or pants

  • Toques are welcome anywhere, anytime


  • Host brunch in your home

  • Snacks and board games

  • Movie marathon day with friends

  • Pick up that instrument, craft, or any other hobby you haven’t touched in months

  • Take a good book to a cozy coffee shop, or curl up in bed

  • Make breakfast in bed

  • Snuggle up in front of a fireplace with a good podcast and your dogs/person

Most of all, instead of wishing away the days, take some time to really enjoy this last little stretch of winter in cozy comfort.

Caela Berry