Caela Berry: Marketer, entrepreneur, future-builder helping people transform their mindsets, perspectives and habits to live the life they want.  

My story is one of addiction, revival, and daring greatly.  A lack of awareness and self-worth led me to nearly a decade of depression, anxiety and abuse.  I was stuck and didn't know it...until I hit rock-bottom.  From there, I dedicated myself to breaking down the barriers I had built and found, myself.


Today, I’m a certified coach, entrepreneur and marketer, living an authentic and fulfilling life.  I connect with people life you, who face challenges, and have dreams they long to realize.  I did the work,  effecting change through practical behaviour modification and mindful actions.  And now it's  about you.  I can help you take ownership of your life and create an awesome future - by you, for you.  

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